Amazon Readies Kindle Format 8

Kindle FireIf you follow the ebook publishing world, you know that Amazon is working on its next-generation ebook format.  They call it Kindle Format 8 (KF8) and have based it heavily on HTML5.  HTML5 is the latest Web markup language able to structure webpages (or ebook pages in this case), draw shapes and animations (without the need for Flash or Silverlight), and present audio and video without plugins.

There are a handful of ebook standards which are being adopted by publishers and ebook vendors.  There is Adobe’s ubiquitous PDF.  Barnes & Noble offer ebooks in EPUB (and the new EPUB 3) standard.  Amazon has its own proprietary Kindle format (AZW) not compatible with non-Kindle devices and supports Mobipocket’s MOBI format.  Amazon’s KF8 is the latest format developed to offer rich content.  Amazon hasn’t yet released it, but some bloggers are suggesting that the Kindle Fire may already support it.

If you’re interested in HTML5, you can read the HTML5 Specifications or read some free HTML5 Tutorials.