The Ebooks Wars of 2011

amazon.comEric Hellman has a New Year’s Day blog post listing the “ebooks wars” that broke out in 2011.  The year was indeed a disruptive one in the retail ebook market as well as the time when the future role of libraries is put into question.  His nine skirmishes are:

  1. Harper-Collins and Overdrive Stop Pretending
  2. Amazon Occupies Overdrive
  3. The Penguin Strikes Back
  4. Prime Pretends To Be a Library
  5. Publishers Decide Google Is a Lesser Evil
  6. Authors Lob Legal Grenades at HathiTrust
  7. Amazon Obliterates Borders
  8. Libraries Muster the Resistance
  9. Anti-Piracy Hysteria Threatens Freedom Loving Citizens

Many of these battles are ongoing and 2012 should see more surprises and further disruptions.  Authors, publishers, online retailers, and libraries will all position themselves to get control of the burgeoning ebook market.

Read the blog post 2011: The Year the eBook Wars Broke Out.