Think Quarterly on the Acceleration of Everything

Think QuarterlyLast year Google started an online periodical called Think Quarterly.  Rather than looking back, Google will explore aspects of the Internet on future culture.  From Think Quarterly‘s About page:

We don’t want to review what’s happened; we want to prepare you for what happens next. For each issue, we tap our homegrown visionaries, plus heads of industry, innovators and experts, to lend their insights and outlooks on the digital future. We hope it gives a view into what drives us as a company and inspires those of you who lead the way.

Previous issues have be titled “The Innovation Issue” (July 2011) and “The People Issue” (September 2011).  The current issue is called “The Speed Issue”.  All of this is great reading for the librarian who wants to understand the digital world in which we work.

One interesting article in the current issue looks at the speeding Internet time and its disruption of just about every sector of life.  The author makes an analogy to “Gutenberg Time” when the new printed book disrupted the Church, increased information and the pace of the Reformation, allowed scientists to more easily build on the past work of others, and created new jobs and whole industries.  Read more from the article Not So Fast.

Access the current issue Think Quarterly.