Friday Fun: Cat Map

Cat Map

Created by the Zoological Society of London, the Cat Map allows you to search housecats from all over the world by age, gender, color, and name.  You can enter your own feline(s) to be included on the map.

Friday Fun: Google Easter Eggs

Google Bacon Number

Google might have a basic search interface, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have some fun.  We’ve seen special Google “doodles” marking special events and anniversaries.  But Google has hidden Easter eggs in its various products and services from Android to Google Maps.

PCWorld recently posted the list of Top 15 Google Easter eggs of 2012.  Enjoy!

Friday Fun: PEBKAC?

PEBCAK? AnimationIT Support people coined the term “PEBKAC” (or “PEBCAK”) to mean “Problem Exists Between the Keyboard and Chair”, a polite way to say “user error”. The less polite term is to call it an “ID10T” (pronounced I-D-ten-T) error.

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