Ebooks Go Transmedia

Chafie Press Transmedia DiagramAs the “Big Six” publishers decide how they’re going to publish and sell their normal text-based ebooks, some smaller publishers are moving on with ebook innovation.  One such company, Chafie Press, has create its first “transmedia” novel.  The publisher is being very careful to stay true to the reading experience while also incorporating interactive elements.

The Survivors book cover

The Survivors by Amanda Havard was intended to be a transmedia novel from its inception.  To access the ebook one needs an Apple iPad or iPhone app called Immersedition.  From the Apple App Store description of the contents:

The Survivors Immersedition is the pilot launch of Chafie Creative’s revolutionary Immersedition interactive book concept. In this edition, what was a 283-page book becomes an eBook with over 300 touchpoints and over 500 frames of additional information—from the history behind the witch trials, historical documents, interactive maps of book locations, or even runway images of character style, the Immersedition will bring you into the world of The Survivors. From inside the pages of what still feels like a book, guided by watermark icons that tell what kinds of interaction a certain touchpoint elicits, readers can learn the history behind the story, can connect the story world in a way they’ve never been able to before, and they can even talk to the characters on Twitter and Facebook—since the characters have their own accounts—all without leaving the app.

The book’s charcters have a continuing Twitter feed, while the book itself has a Facebook page, an original sountrack, and a video on YouTube.

Read the Chafie Press blog post Going Transmedia with The Survivors.