THE TECH SET Book Series

Neal-SchumanOther than attending the occasional training session, webinar, or conference workshop, much of what a professional librarian needs to learn will be self-taught.  Knowing this, Neal-Schuman created THE TECH SET book series.

Edited by sought-after educator, emerging-technology information consultant, and librarian, Ellyssa Kroski, these start-to-finish primers will have you ready to implement all the essential technologies and tools you need to deliver outstanding new services and remain relevant in the digital age.

THE TECH SET doesn’t end with the printed books.  Neal-Schuman supplements the books with author wikis and podcasts.

The first series of ten titles was released late last year and the publisher has just released a second set of titles 11-20.  Below we have a combined list of the entire series to date.

  1. Next Gen Library Catalogs by Marchall Breeding
  2. Mobile Technology and Libraries by Jason Griffey
  3. Microblogging and Lifestreaming in Libraries by Robin Hastings
  4. Library Videos and Webcasts by Sean Robinson
  5. Wikis for Libraries by Lauren Pressley
  6. Technology Training in Libraries by Sarah Houghton-Jan
  7. A Social Networking Primer for Libraries by Cliff Landis
  8. Library Camps and Unconferences by Steve Lawson
  9. Gaming in Libraries by Kelly Czarnecki
  10. Effective Blogging for Libraries by Connie Crosby
  11. Cloud Computing for Libraries by Marshall Breeding
  12. Building Mobile Library Applications by Jason A. Clark
  13. Location-Aware Services and QR Codes for Libraries by Joe Murphy
  14. Drupal in Libraries by Kenneth J. Varnum
  15. Strategic Planning for Social Media in Libraries by Sarah K. Steiner
  16. Next-Gen Library Resdesign by Michael Lascarides
  17. Screencasting for Libraries by Greg R. Notess
  18. User Experience (UX) Design for Libraries by Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches
  19. IM and SMS Reference Services for Libraries by Amanda Bielskas and Kathleen M. Dreyer
  20. Semantic Web Technologies and Social Searching for Librarians by Robin M. Fay and Michael P. Sauers